The purpose of this website is to promote awareness and conservation of bryophytes at sites by providing freely available and up-to-date information on important locations for these plants.

Geographic scope
The geographic scope comprises the vice-county of Cheshire (v.c. 58), which includes all of modern-day Cheshire plus parts of Greater Manchester, Halton, Derbyshire, Merseyside, Shropshire and Warrington.

Nationally Important sites
These are sites that support a nationally important bryophyte assemblage, as judged against the SSSI criteria for lower plants (Hodgetts, 1992).

Regionally Important sites
Sites that do not pass the SSSI criteria based on their bryophyte assemblage but otherwise support a significant population of any nationally rare species (Preston, 2010), nationally scarce species (Preston, 2006) or UK Red List species (Hodgetts, 2011) are here regarded as Regionally Important sites. This is sufficient to trigger qualification as a Local Wildlife Site, at least in Cheshire. Other criteria may be developed in the future as information on bryophytes in Cheshire improves.

The inventory is comprehensive for the sandstone escarpments of the mid-Cheshire Ridge and Alderley Edge. Elsewhere, the inventory is VERY INCOMPLETE. Surveying in the region is on-going and new sites will be added as soon as supporting information arises. Limebeds are a current focus of attention.

GIS data
A GIS layer (ESRI shapefile) with all of the site boundaries can be downloaded in a zip file by clicking this link: Cheshire Bryophyte Sites

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